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Small ateliers have proliferated in recent years, treasuring the knowledge and wisdom of age-old trades, whose importance seem to have been forgotten in the drawers of antique dressers. Close and loving attention to each piece, done with affection and time, and the friendly service each customer is given, make these studios true opportunities for discovering unique gems in our city.

Enjoy a chocolate tasting and learn how it is made

Find out about the history of the shop and how its products are made while you see the master chocolatier at work. Accompanied by a tasting of spicy, salted or sweetchocolate.

1 to 10 people max.
45 minutes
Tuesday to sunday: 11am - 2pm
CA / ES / EN
No age limit

Be Chocolat by Michel Clément Barcelona

After more than 20 years working with chocolate, Michel Clement Laline has come up with a new concept of a shop specialising in chocolate where you can taste the products ...

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Be Chocolat by Michel Clément Barcelona | Barcelona Shopping City | Ateliers