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Century-old shops

The passage of time has turned a number of shops into living examples of the commercial history of Barcelona. The majority of these century-old businesses showcase modernista styles, which are carefully preserved by their owners. These shops, sited in ancient buildings full of history, continue to offer products of quality and tradition. The distinctive plaque by the entrance classifies them as some of the most unique and important shops in the city from a historic and heritage viewpoint. Singular examples as the historical Obach headgear, Herboristeria del Rey, founded in 1818 and Roca cutlery.

Bagués - Masriera Joiers

Bagués-Masriera is synonymous with culture, art and history and, at the same time, uniqueness, ground-breaking design and innovation with future potential in the sphere of top-end international jewellery. Their pieces ...

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Bagués - Masriera Joiers | Barcelona Shopping City | Century-old shops