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Pastisseria Foix de Sarria


In 1886, husband and wife Josep Foix and Paulina Mas founded the first of the Foix de Sarrià cake shops on Carrer Major de Sarrià.

In 1923, two of their children, Josep and Carolina, opened another shop in the Plaça de Sarrià. Josep went on to become the great Catalan poet J. V. Foix (1893-1987), a poetry researcher and friend of the arts, as he liked to describe himself, who spent his early carrer working in advertising. In 1968 Foix entrusted his cousin Jordi Madern with the running of the shop.

The watchword of these establishments is to make traditional cakes of the highest quality and to keep up with the latest innovations for our regular customers who, from generation to generation, have honoured us by staying loyal to our shops.

Open every day of the year from 8am to 9pm.