• Sustainable fashion | Barcelona Shopping City
  • Sustainable fashion | Barcelona Shopping City
  • Sustainable fashion | Barcelona Shopping City
  • Sustainable fashion | Barcelona Shopping City
  • Sustainable fashion | Barcelona Shopping City
08 novembre 2018

Sustainable fashion

A growing number of fashion brands are launching new collections onto the market under the sustainable fashion label. This is great news, as we know that fashion is one of the world’s highest-polluting industries.

Fortunately, the textile industry is taking initiatives to reduce environmental damage and its impact on the planet. Businesses are beginning to carry out research and develop new, more environmentally friendly and sustainable fibres made from biodegradable and less-polluting materials.

At Barcelona Shopping City we would like to draw your attention to the brands that are firmly committed to creating environmentally aware fashion. Mango is presenting its fourth collection of sustainable garments under the name “Mango Committed”. The garments have increased the proportion of sustainable fibres and biodegradable materials. Cortana, the Mallorcan women’s fashion label, presents its collections created with sustainable fabrics sourced from recycled cotton and cellulose waste. Their accessories include sleeve mittens made from organic wool.

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