• Unique jewellery hand-made in Barcelona | Barcelona Shopping City
  • Unique jewellery hand-made in Barcelona | Barcelona Shopping City
  • Unique jewellery hand-made in Barcelona | Barcelona Shopping City
13 December 2018

Unique jewellery hand-made in Barcelona

Gatnau Barcelona aims to be a jewellery brand producing hand-crafted pieces made only in Barcelona, to attract clients to local shops, and to commit to fair trade, local products and affordable prices.

The creations and designs of its founder, Lídia López Gatnau, incorporate metal, stones, fabric, wood… or anything that can be transformed, to make her unique, contemporary jewellery.

Each and every one of her designs are inspired by Barcelona. They range from a more affordable, basic line to high-end pieces, one-off pieces and personalised commissions tailored to her customer’s tastes. Her painstakingly hand-crafted jewellery seeks to set itself apart from other brands with its own unique personality, in order to offer a little piece of Barcelona and its charms.

At Barcelona Shopping City we recommend you visit Gatnau, at 113, Carrer Diputació, a cosy, welcoming shop where you’ll feel at home and receive good advice about what to buy.

More info: www.gatnau.com

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